What will you do to feed the roots of peace? May 2018 Idea Box display

What will you do to feed the roots of peace?

This May, Mothers and Others for Peace explores the history and commitment of women working for peace in its Back to our Roots exhibit. Visitors can:

  • Learn the birth story of how Mothers' Day began;
  • Read Julia Ward Howe's "Original Mothers' Day Proclamation" of 1870, urging women of all nations to protest the carnage of war;
  • Honor Mothers' Day by committing to "one thing you can do for peace" and share it via Post-It on the Idea Box wall; and
  • See the Illinois State Senate Resolution of 2016 declaring the Saturday before Mothers' Day to be "Mothers' Day-History Day."

In addition, everyone is invited to join the group as it leads "Make a Flower, Give a Flower," two paper flower-making workshops to be held in the Idea Box on Wednesday, May 9, at 3 pm and Saturday, May 12, at 1 pm. Materials will be provided, and no registration is necessary.

Idea Box

What is the Idea Box?

Located just inside the Main Library entrance, the Idea Box is a dedicated 19-by-13-foot space that provides participatory community experiences. Visitors are encouraged to learn through experimentation and play.

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